*~Second Star to the Right~*

Welcome to Neverland!

Neverland is a magical place, where dreams come true, where fairies and mermaids linger and play, a place where pirates blast cannons and indians hold annual rain dances. So, you ask yourself, does such a place exist? Of course. The second star to the right, and straight on til morning. At least, those are the directions Peter Pan will give you.

Peter Pan, for lack of better description, is a valiant boy who refuses to grow up. He lives in Neverland with the lost boys, and Tinkerbell, a pixy companion, while constantly battling his arch enemy, the sinister Captain Hook. While you are here, I ask that you let go of reality, sit back and enjoy, and explore this Disney's Peter Pan website!
Peter: *looks over Jessie's shoulder as she types* Well, thank you for the nice introduction!
Jessie: *sigh* You're welcome. I just hope the viewers are as excited about this new site as I am!


Site Updates

Well, since this is a brand new site and all, I imagine there are going to be updates VERY often. But for now, just enjoy what I have so far! I need to add at least two more pages, and then I think I'll be done., and this website will be ready to be released. *big sigh*

How This Site Works...

There are many many versions of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan, but this site is mostly focusing on Walt Disney's version. The reason is simple, and not un-heard of, I'm sure; When I was growing up, the Peter I fell in love with was the fun-loving young sword fighter from Walt's brillant version, and therefore, it is that movie that I hold closest in my heart. However, I do have brief summaries of other Peter Pan versions, and/or movies... So this site has something to offer for everyone!

~Tink's News Corner~

"Return to Neverland" VHS and DVD on sale in stores now!

Original "Peter Pan" (revised) is also on sale in stores, with bonus footage 'The making of Peter Pan'

New LIVE ACTION Peter Pan movie, flying into theaters 2003! Further details in the What's New section

Lots of stuff on the new "Return to Neverland" movie!
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