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Walt Disney's "Peter Pan"

Disney's "Peter Pan"
The original tale of the boy who won't grow up, in the imagination of Walt Disney. Walt recieved his copyright of Peter Pan from J.M. Barrie in 1911, but wasn't to be put into motion until much later. It was well worth the wait, however, as in 1953 "Peter Pan" was released in theaters, becoming an instant classic. To this day, that movie is classified as one of the best Disney films ever made. Although it was very unlike the book, Peter is Peter in which ever version you choose to look. The movie in itself was charming and unforgettable.

Hook (1987)
A live action movie about a grown up Peter Pan, and his journey through Neverland to rescue his children.
Peter Banning (Pan) is a successful lawyer, who is much too wrapped up in his job to spend much time with his family. When he goes to London with his wife, Miora, and his two children, Jack and Maggie, things take an interesting turn in the Darling residence. Jack and Maggie have been kidnapped, and Wendy, now old and grey, is the only one who knows the truth about Peter and his past. Not believing her, however, Peter is then re-introduced to Tinkerbell, who whisks him away to Neverland to save his children from the clutches of Captain Hook. One more challenge lies ahead, however... Can Peter remember who he used to be in time to save his children?
With a spectacular cast, Robin Williams as a grown-up Pan, Dustin Hoffman as the evil (but slightly amusing) Captain Hook, Julia Roberts as the energetic Tinkerbell, Maggie Smith as Wendy Darling, and Bob Hoskins as the loyal bo'sun Smee, this movie was nominated for 5 Academy Awards including best visual effects.

Return to Neverland
A Disney sequal to the classic "Peter Pan", Return to Neverland is taking place during WWI, and times are hard for the Darling family. Wendy, who is now a mother, has two children... Danny, a three old believer in Peter Pan, and Jane, a 13 year old who feels she must grow up early to help her family, and has no time for games.
When Captain Hook kidnaps Jane mistaking her for Wendy, things take an intersting turn... Jane is taken far away to Neverland, the very place she was certain didn't exist. There, she's rescued by Peter Pan, and meets Tinkerbell, and the lost boys. But making a believer out of Jane is harder than anyone had anticipated: Jane wants to leave Neverland, but can't fly! It's up to Peter Pan to make Jane believe.