All about your oh-too-sweet Webmistress!!

I know that I for one never read those "All About Me" sections, because frankly, no one really cares, we simply view websites to see things we like, not to find out about the people that poured their sweat and blood into it. That's just how we are... So I'm sure you would rather be looking at the rest of my site than learning about someone you've never met and probably never will. BUT, to keep the tradition alive, I've written down some stuff about me anyway. Knock yourself out. ^_^;;

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Peter and Jessie...?
I'm making a site about Peter mainly because... I LOVE PETER PAN AND ALL HE STANDS FOR! Can I make that any clearer? lol...

What's Jessie Like, Hm?
Basically, I'm a simple person... I'm a writer and artist, (of sorts, I suppose...) and I spend a lot of my time doing both. I hope to become a well known manga artist in the future, with any (or all) of my three animes I have in process. I like a lot of animes, too, such as Oh My Goddess, Inu-Yasha, Gundam Wing, DBZ, Ranma, Yu Yu Hakusho, Pokemon, etc. I have way too many animals, (yet I love them all) and I'm 15 years old going on 7, a sophmore in highschool. *yawns* Well, that's pretty much me. Did you get a thrill out of that, or what? *her head slams on her keyboard and she sleeps*
My Other Website, "Down Town Tokyo"