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Peter's Animated Alter Ego
In 1990 to 1991, 65 episodes and two seasons of a great show aired on Fox: Peter Pan and the Pirates. I was unfortunate not to tape any episodes in my youth (you don't really think ahead to when you're 15 when you're four years old) and so I don't remember any part of any episode at all, but I have sources, and I know plenty enough about the show.

"To describe them [adventures] all would require a book as large as an English-Latin, Latin-English Dictionary," this is a quote from the book "Peter Pan", which J.M. Barrie himself wrote. And that small line inspired a whole show about Peter Pan's adventures with the Darling children and the lost boys. It may not air on TV anymore, but some tapes are still available. I have heard (I can't say from my opinion, since I haven't seen it *grumble grumble*) that it was a really charming show, that kept you interested, was sometimes funny, and, evendentally, sometimes rather serious. An interesting fact about this show: Tim Curry won an emmy for the voice of Captain Hook. Tim Curry... That guy is everywhere.

Gender Bender
Disney's Peter Pan was the first time the role of Peter had ever been a boy. For years, Mary Martin (being probably the best known) and many other women played the part of Peter in the theater. There were a few reasons for this, the most important one being that a woman has a higher voice and a smaller body, and, let's face it, a grown man running around in tights and trying to act 'little' wouldn't be as appealing, right? ^_^()

Mary Martin played Peter on the broadway show, in which, I can proudly say, I have the video of! (She was fantastic, too)

Pixie Sex Appeal
Tinkerbell was the most challenging character for the animators to draw for Disney's original "Peter Pan", for more reasons than one... There was no reference for her appearence, since she was only depicted as a moving light with a jingle of bells in the plays. (which was all they had before Peter hit the big screen) The second problem was bigger than the first... Tink was just too darn sexy. This was a serious challenge for the animators, actually, because they had to make Tink have the look of a 'big girl', but they also had to draw some boundries. So, finally, they decided that they would let Tink's lower half be that of a woman, but her top half resemble that of a little girl. Hmm...

Name Orgin
The name "Wendy" was actually made up by J.M. Barrie for his book. The name began to get popular after Peter started getting better known, and it a name still used today. Interesting, huh? ^_^

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