Character Profiles

Characters from both movies!

Peter Pan

The hero of the story! Peter is a boy who absolutely refuses to grow up, and lives in Neverland, the second star to the right. Although a cocky boy, he's brave, and good hearted.
Age: Forever 13
Hair: Brown-red
Eyes: Brown
Dislikes: Adults, solumn things
Likes: Having fun, messing with Captian Hook
Captian Hook

The sinister 'bad guy' of the story. Although slightly humourous, Hook wants nothing more or less than to destroy Peter, his arch enemy. His greatest fear? The ticking crocodile. (And the octopus, in the second movie)
Age: Who knows?
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Dislikes: Peter Pan and the lost boys, the crocodile
Likes: Soothing music


Hmm... A very complex little pixie. Tinkerbell is the definition of jealously, but sports it with style. She's hot headed and bad tempered, but usually only when other girls are in the picture. She has a deep, true love for Peter, however... Who could blame her? ^_^
Age: Unknown (112 according to Disney Studios)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Dislikes: Wendy, Jane, any other girls Peter hangs out with
Likes: Peter and... Peter.
Wendy Darling

Wendy is strong willed, and very much taken with Peter. (Who isn't?) She's the eldest of three children, and she tells her brothers John and Michael stories about Peter Pan. Until, however, her father orders her to move out of the nursery. That's when she meets Peter Pan, and he takes her to Neverland so she won't have to grow up. I would have to say Wendy is one of my favorite characters. ^_^
Age: 13
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Blue
Dislikes: Untidiness, Hook
Likes: Peter Pan, her brothers, and her parents

The Lost Boys

Peter's faithful troop. Slightly, Cubby, Toodles, Nibs and the twins. They love games almost as much as Peter does, and they follow his every word with loyality. Here's an interesting thing... Cubby's REAL name is Curly. Why did they change that?? *is confused*
Jane Darling

Jane is Wendy's daughter, and a non believer. She felt she had to grow up early and take care of her family, and so she 'doesn't have time for fun and games'. She's kidnapped by Hook and taken to Neverland, and it's up to Peter to make a believer out of her. (Come to think of it, she takes on a lot of her gradfather's traits, lol!)
Age: 13
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Blue
Dislikes: Foolishness, silliness
Likes: Her brother, Danny